"Quick 4" chambers
Someone built a garage over their septic "rockpit".

The corner is sinking, and you can see a crack in the foundation just in front of the shovel.
Of course you could always build an addition over your septic tank.

They took the lids off so there was room for floor joists.
And vented the tank through the roof (note pipe at left).
It eventually started stinking (cant believe no one noticed for years).
This is very unhealthy.

That's Andy from superior septic (493-1865) on the pumper line today.
They blocked off the subfloor ventilation and someone tried putting a charcoal filter on the roof stack...

Trapping even more gases under the floor, making the situation even worse.

But eventually they called us to get it fixed properly.
If you need it done right give us a call.

Naramata Excavating & Contracting
Check out the root mat in this tank

You can just make out the wooden baffle partway thru
the tank
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