Is there really an escort agency in NARAMATA?.... Read on...
You've probably seen people wearing a variety of Naramata Escort Agency t-shirts.... so what gives?

The shirts were the brainchild of Gary Dicken who developed them on a dare.. sort of. When discussing the creation of company shirts and after several rounds of beer the joke was we could make company shirts... just not our company's. No one believed he would actually order Escort Agency shirts.

It was with some amazement that people recieved the "company" shirts and suddenly they were in demand

Many have been produced and distributed, colored tank tops and tee's, some also have "STAFF" on them.

If you want one you'll have to call Gary at 490-1066

By the way he also has Little Tunnel Society shirts...
Things to say when asked "is there really an escort agency in Naramata?"

- why, are you looking for a job?, or a date?
- there are escort agency's everywhere.
- of course! They give these shirts away free there,
well sort of...
- If you have to ask, your not supposed to know.
- Take me home and find out...
As for the truth about the Naramata escorts try
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